How Does It Feel?

from by Corey Stewart

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This is a song about self reflection and experimenting with a long fade out.


How Does It Feel?
(C. Stewart)

You’re running here, you’re running there
You live your life as if you’re driven by fear
Another place, another time
Another stage is set but nobody's here
Try to escape, it’s not too late
But your cries for help will fall on deaf ears
You want to change but realise
You reached a wall that you’ve been building for years

How does it feel?
Living in a world that’s not real
How does it feel?
Tired of reinventing the wheel
How does it feel?
This was never part of the deal
How does it feel?
It’s better to be standing than to kneel

Another day comes to an end
The sun is setting and you’re feeling alive
As darkness falls you wander what
Will happen to you as day turns to night
The consequences of your actions
Are a matter of what’s wrong and what’s right
But until then you’ll do what you need to do
In order to survive


How does it feel
In a world that seems unreal
You’re lifting off your mask now
To see what it reveals
You’re blinded by the sunlight
As you’re craving for the moonlight
It all seems so surreal

Solo (verse)

You’ve had enough, the time is now
The difference between the truth and the lies
But you need to stop this spinning world
That you’ve created right between your eyes
The only answer that you seek
Can not be found in the life that you lead
The only way to end this journey
Is to separate your wants from your needs




from FAWM2017 - The Album, released March 31, 2017
All instruments and programming by C. Stewart
Recorded at SongMachine Studios - February 2017



all rights reserved


Corey Stewart Adelaide, Australia

I am a singer/songwriter/musician/blogger from Australia

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